CS:GO or counter-strike global offensive is the modern-day counter-strike and it is one of the most popular competitive online game in the world today. Since the birth of this game, it is notorious for it’s hardness to master, even though the mechanic is easy you may find yourself always at the losing side. Not like just other games, it takes time for you to learn it and be a master. They say you just need to point the crosshair at your opponent and shoot but it’s not that easy.

First of all just like any other games you need to practice very hard because as said above this game is not easy and you can’t learn fully overnight and even a month is not enough. When you ask professional players why are they so good at the game the most common answer you will hear is that “practice” and just play, play and play. In some cases I see people have more than a thousand hour in the game but still not that good this is how hard the game is.

Always keep your settings in check, chances are that when you close your game is that the settings will go back to the default. Stop searching for the perfect settings online there is no such thing as perfect, most of the guides online may help you but settings is a personal preference. Set up a setting that you feel most comfortable with and remember it because the games engine does not save settings specifically when you play on different computers.

Don’t jump in on playing on rank or competitive games immediately, play deathmatch first instead. This game mode will not require you to do such objective such as plant or defuse a bomb or even rescue hostage, the only thing you have to do is aim and kill the opponent in front of you. This game mode will help you familiarize the mechanics such as aiming and how to use your gun properly, it also helps you practice your movement which is a very underrated aspect of the game. Overall is this mode is the training ground and it helps you make a grip on the game faster.

It is true that just playing alone with no preference will take you to nowhere, instead take time off playing and in that time sit back and watch pro streams and take note on the things they do. Watching players better that you is very beneficial to your game, I watch pro players play up until now, I try to mimic their game style and techniques and add it to my own game which widens my knowledge on the game.

Try to play with friends or friends that are better than you. Playing with someone better is very good, it boosts your experience and you can learn so many things playing with them. They will give you advice in real-time compared to just watching them play, watching them play and playing with them is very different.

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