You might feel hideous over the old wallpaper in your house or you want a new one, whatever your reason is, wallpaper removal is a lot easier than the installation. You need to persevere in this task, it is your duty to secure the right tools, attitude, and directions.

The first thing you need to do is to strip off the surface with a paper scraper. You have to peel the wallpaper slowly. You might notice that there are still adhesives at the back. All you have to do is soak a sponge on warm water and then scrape. It would be best if they would let it sit for a few minutes before sponging on the wall.

Next, you need to have a wallpaper-removal spray. Basically, it can be used homemade with all-purpose flour and vinegar. When you use this removal spray, the tough dark spots will become lighter. You can find a wallpaper stripper guide if the wallpaper is tougher to remove.

Lastly, scoring tool is also an advantage by scratching the wallpaper loose. A consequence of this step is you need to repaint and patch up some parts of your wall.

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